Why Choose The Milkmanlklk

At The Milkman, we ensure that every batch of milk is freshly sourced from our healthy cows to provide the freshness and nutritional value you are looking for. Our high-quality milk and by-products are available and delivered with convenience at your doorstep.

Fresh and Local

They get their milk from Burton Dairy farm.

Weekly or Reliable

You no longer need to visit the local store to get our milk. Simply order through our website, and we deliver the delicious, nutritious milk at your doorstep.

Simple Checkout

With easy checkout on our website, you don’t need to make cash payments. You can pay through your credit card.

Pure and Healthy

Our milk and dairy products are pure and healthy, free of growth hormones, rBST, rBGH, preservatives, and additives.

Upholding Brunton Dairy Farm’s Legacy of Fresh and Pure Dairy

Brunton Dairy Farm is a premium producer of fresh, wholesome, and cow milk and dairy products. As a dependable supplier of pure cow milk and other dairy produce, we uphold the legacy of Brunton Dairy Farm, known for its fresh natural milk.

Our Dairy Farm

The Milkman maintains its independent dairy farm where we follow strict standards of hygiene and quality.

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Our Healthy Cows

As old-school dairy farmers, we take care of our cows to keep them healthy without injecting hormones.

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Dairy Products

We source all our products from the pure milk of our dairy farm, providing you with wholesome goodness.

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Bringing Healthy Goodness

From Our Family to Yours

At the Milkman, we are also committed to providing you with the same dairy produce and service level, which you always expect from Brunton Dairy. We bring to you healthy goodness which we serve to our family.
As a local milk producer and supplier, we ensure the delivery of fresh and healthy milk at your doorstep without any additional delivery charges. Our high-quality milk is free from growth hormones, preservatives, additives, rBST, and rBGH.

Our Featured Products


Nothing can be better than a fresh glass of pure milk to start your day!

Chocolate Milk

Select from a range of cheese varieties made from our premium milk

Ice Cream

Enjoy the delicious taste and goodness of our organic fresh butter

Ground Meat

Make your desserts and cuisines extra rich and creamy with our fresh cream

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Breakfast Ideas

Heat up your mornings with a bowl of warm cereal. Whether you prefer oatmeal, farina, or any other kind of porridge, make your instant version a bit creamier!

Ice Cream

Try our low fat, fruitty, caramel, vanilla and chocolate ice cream all made by our best farm cooks!

Where to Buy

Our Products are currently available at select retailers in Southwest Pennsylvania
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